Product Care

Leather is a natural product and as such, it requires periodic maintenance and should be stored appropriately.  Cleaning your bag regularly and storing it properly will extend its life and keep it looking good. 

 In general, do not leave your leather products in sunlight for extended periods of time.  Also keep products away from direct sources of heat, such as radiators, fireplaces, or in cars overheated by sunlight.  Avoid damp or moist environments.  Do not soak the leather or apply detergents to it.

 Given the number of different leather protection products on the market, we are unable to recommend a particular brand.  However, when applying leather conditioners or protectant to leather, we recommend testing on a hidden part of the product first to ensure the leather is not damaged or discolored, and then waiting 24 hours to view the result.  Also, do not apply any creams or conditioners directly on the leather.  Place some of the product on a clean cloth and then rub onto the leather. 

 We do not recommend waxes, polishes, or saddle soaps, which might cause the leather to become sticky and attract dirt.

 Pebble-Grain Leathers

 Pebble-Grain leathers can be cleaned using a soft, light-colored and preferably lint-free cloth.  Dampen the cloth with clean, cold water only.  Soaps can leave a residue that may eventually damage leather.  Ensure the cloth is properly wrung out and feels only very slightly damp, and wipe the surface of the leather.

 Afterward, ensure the surfaces are dry, either using a clean dry cloth or air-drying.  Never attempt to dry your leather products on a radiator, hair dryer, or any other source of heat.   

 You can occasionally use a leather conditioner to help moisturize the leather and keep it hydrated.  Ensure the leather is clean and dry prior to conditioning, and allow the leather to dry before using again. 

 Suede Leathers

Sued leathers should be periodically cleaned with a suede brush, which can help smooth and marks in the surface.  We recommend pre-treating suede surfaces with a suede protector.  Also avoid any contact with liquids as these can stain the suede. 

 Lining Materials

 Lining materials should also be wiped down with slightly damp lint-free cloth.  Be careful when cleaning lining that is close to suede leathers, as the suede should not become wet. 


 When not in use, we recommend storing your Verlein product in the dust bag that it came in.  Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated environment out of direct sunlight and away from any sources of heat. 

If you are storing your product for extended periods of time (months and years), you may want to add some silica gel packs to the dust bag to ensure any moisture stays away from the leather. 

 With larger products such as handbags and totes, stuff the product with tissue paper to help retain the shape. 

 Do not store your product in a plastic bag as this will trap moisture.  Leather products need to “breathe.”